Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ aims to regroup most of the questions we often get on Twitter & GitHub, as well as a few tips for using the editor. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, contact us!

General Questions

Is there a mobile application?
For smartphones, not at the moment, nor in the foreseeable future. Reworking the user interface of Piskel to be usable on a small screen feels like a new dedicated project on its own. Since Piskel is open source, anybody is welcome to fork the project and try to port it to mobile however!

Piskel can be used on tablets however, so a mobile application dedicated to tablets could be an option. Some user interface adjustments are still needed to improve the experience, but that seems feasible.
Can I use a sprite made with Piskel in a commercial project?
Yes! Whatever you create with Piskel is yours. We do not hold any rights on user creations made on or with the offline Piskel editors.
Why do you have ads?
We are not big fans of ads either, but running has a cost and if we want to keep the service alive, it needs to be sustainable. The ads are here to cover the server costs, performing costly backups and maybe buy some testing hardware. In the long run, we hope ads will allow us to spend more time and resources on Piskel than we do at the moment.

With that said, we don't plan to add banners on the editor's interface. We believe the editor should remain a safe zone where you can focus on your creation.
Do you have a privacy policy?
We are working on both a Privacy Policy and a Terms and Conditions page.

The short version is:
We are not keeping any user information other than the one displayed on the user pages, we don't share this information with 3rd parties, we don't hold any copyright on the user creations. We offer private and public settings for all user creations, to be used at the user's discretion.

We use cookies, we collect anonymous usage data for analytics. We are not responsible for the content created by users but encourage our users to keep their public content safe for all ages. We are not responsible for the content of any of the external websites linked on

If you need more details before our T&C and Privacy statements are finalized, please contact us.
How can I customize or delete my account?
We are working on adding user settings to customize the name & avatar of a profile. Deleting an account is not possible at the moment, but if you really need your account to be disabled, then contact us!
How can I contact you?
If it is a general question, a question about your account, or a support request you can: If you have a bug to report, a feature to propose, the best is to open an issue on GitHub:
Do you accept donations?
Thanks for asking! Not at the moment, We are experimenting with using ads to cover the costs of running Piskel.

Tips & troubleshooting

How do you copy-paste in Piskel?
Copy/paste is not really intuitive. It should be improved(!), but in the meantime here are the steps:
  1. choose a selection tool
  2. select an area on the screen
  3. copy (ctrl+c) or cut (ctrl+x) (or cmd+c and cmd+x if on Mac)
  4. move your selection (don't switch tools, just click and drag the selected area, you should see the cursor change)
  5. paste (ctrl+v or cmd+v)
The editor crashed, how can I recover my content?
The first thing to try if Piskel crashed is to restore the last session. Piskel periodically saves your work and allows you to restore previous sessions.
  1. open the Piskel editor
  2. open the Import panel
  3. click on the Browse backups button of the Recover Recent Sessions section.
If this didn't work, you need to go back to your previously saved version. Piskel was made to create small sprites. If you see the performance warning while working on your sprite, remember to save your work often.

Whenever you experience a crash, if you can file an issue on the GitHub repository , it would be great!