Shutting down accounts on Piskel

Why are you shutting down Piskel accounts?
Piskel was always meant to be first and foremost a sprite editor, and we put a lot of efforts in making it as easy to use as possible. was created to make it even easier by allowing users to save their creations online.

But saving user sprites online has become too costly and too complex. This is causing more and more bugs and errors, which will progressively make the service unusable. To avoid further unexpected issues, we will gradually remove the ability to save sprites online, so that users have time to export their sprites, and potentially transition to other tools.

Finally, Piskel is a side project, only maintained by one person. I am really sad to remove the accounts, but it is way too much work in my current situation. Hopefully this means I will instead have more time to spend on the editor and improve it.
When will this happen?
This will happen in 2 steps:
  • August 1st 2021: new accounts can no longer be created
  • January 1st 2022: existing accounts and sprites will be removed. There will be no way to recover account or sprite data after that date
How can I backup my sprites?
You can export your sprites from the editor, in any format you want, at any point in time before January 1st 2022. Even though accounts will be deleted, the editor will still be available, so you can still export sprites as ".piskel" files and import them in the offline application. You can also export them as spritesheets to import them in other tools.

If you have too many sprites in your gallery to export them one by one, you can use the export page. It allows you to download ZIP archives containing up to 100 sprites either as piskel files or PNG spritesheets.

To open your export page, you first need to sign in. You will find an "Export page" item in the User menu on the top right.

If you have an issue to download one of your sprites, send an email at
What changes exactly after January 1st 2022?
After January 1st 2022, we will remove
  • the Sign in buttons
  • the Gallery pages (
  • the Piskel pages (
But the editor will still be available. The offline applications can still be downloaded. The online editor can still be used directly in your browser. Only two features are removed from the online Piskel editor:
  • the "Save to your gallery" button in the SAVE panel
  • the "Upload" button in the EXPORT GIF panel
You can still draw pixel art, create animations, save them locally in your browser or download them as .piskel files or spritesheets.
Thankfully there are many other tools available for spriting and pixel art. Aseprite is a well known desktop software, and is another very powerful online sprite editor, with a lot more community-oriented features.

Also, the Piskel editor will still be available here, only accounts will be removed.

Finally, Piskel is fully open source, both the editor, and the website. Anyone who wants to duplicate the project and run another instance of Piskelapp could do it.
Thank you to everyone who used Piskel, hope you will still enjoy using the editor even without the accounts. If you need help with a specific topic, you can send an email to: